Introduction: Human Touch Switch

This is a switch which could be triggered by human touching the feather.

Step 1:


  • Wood sheet;
  • Feather;
  • Copper Tape;
  • LEDs;
  • Hot Glue;
  • Soldering tools;
  • Wires;
  • 3V battery;


I did spend some time thinking about the circuit of how can make it work. First I know that I need parallel; But where to put the break (switch) and also incorporate with the aesthetic placement of the LEDs is a little bit tricky. I only want to light up one LED at a time when the feather touching on one corresponding switch. Finally the circuit work out like this:

Step 2:

Start placing the LEDs on the wood sheet. Facing different directions to light up.

Step 3:

Adding feathers layer by layer.

Be careful and delicate with the aesthetic and circuit.

Step 4:

Testing Video: