Introduction: Minecraft Human Launching Tnt Cannon (simple)

This is a human launching tnt cannon as the title says. It will launch you high in the sky using tnt distributed by dispensers. Note if you do not know how to craft some of these items you and are in survival look it up on Google, Yahoo, or any other search engine you may use. Now lets get to the build.  

Step 1: What You Need.

You need 
- one button/ lever
- A 4 by 4 one block deep square of water. 
- 30 pieces of redstone 
- two repeaters 
- 64 building blocks wood planks, cobblestone, stone brick, dirt ect.
- 16 dispensers 
- and any where from 16 to 9219 blocks of tnt. (16 = one block of tnt per dispenser 9219 blocks of tnt = 9 stacks of tnt per dispenser)

Step 2: Get Your Water!!

You can get your water two ways. 1.) You can find a pond and build a wall to block out other water. Make sure the area blocked off is 6 by 6 blocks long and wide and one block deep. 2.) This is the way I recommend doing make a wall same dimensions as the first one but on dry land and fill it in with buckets of water. Either way make sure there is water or the entire structure will blow up!!!   

Step 3: Placing Some More Blocks

Once you have made your 6 by 6 wall around your 4 by 4 one block deep water source you only need to place a few more blocks. Pick the side you want the input (Your button or lever) to be. then pick a block and build out 4 blocks from it. Then put a button on the block at the end.   

Step 4: Placing the Dispensers

Put a dispenser facing the water on every block accept the 4 corners. 

Step 5: More Blocks to Place

Next you need to place blocks so that they are the same level as the dispensers. Fill in the corners with you building blocks and put blocks behind the dispensers. Make sure redstone will be able to wire correctly. It is important to do this step correctly so please refer to the picture. 

Step 6: Adding the Redstone

Go to the button/ lever you placed earlier, and put a piece of redstone on top of the block you put your input on. Then behind that redstone put two repeaters facing away from button. After that put a piece if redstone on every block surrounding the dispensers. The wiring is important. It is why the cannon works. Be sure it looks like the picture. once you have placed you redstone put at least on block of TNT in every dispenser. (one TNT in the dispensers will get you one shot, two TNT will get get you two shots and so on)
REMEMBER in survival you will probably die from fall damage unless you land in two block deep water.    

Step 7: How to Use It and Practical Uses.

How to use it: press the button and jump into the center of the water source. when the TNT ignites you will fly into the sky. Note: I am not responsible for any deaths, item losses or experience losses. In other words store everything of value in chests before you enjoy the ride.
Practical uses: A mine craft circus! you can build this under ground then build something resembling the barrel of a cannon and launch acrobats and dare devils into the sky. Or if you are a pro at calculations you can launch your self into a lake inside your secret base! Or you can just enjoy the view of your world from the sky. But who says they have to be practical uses use this ridiculously as well! I hope you enjoyed this inscrutable. Heres my youtube channel :D