Introduction: Humane Live Rat Trap From Trash

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I was having a problem with rats making an appearance to often in front of the Trail cameras which in turn, was eating up my batteries. The standard humane rat traps proved to be too small for my healthy rat athletes. So an epiphany hit me with this trap. The idea is that the weight of the rat keeps the lid shut.


Large plastic or glass wide mouth bottle

Plastic bowl that fits the top of the bottle

12" piece of irrigation riser

1/2" plumbing fittings left over from toilet repairs

Plastic lid slightly larger than the bottle opening

Step 1: The Parts You Need

The plastic lid came from a date container. It is slightly bigger the bottle opening but also flexible to be bent to place inside the bottle.

The plastic bowl fits the top of the bottle with a little overhang. This one is a disposable teriyaki bowl

The bottle should be large enough to hold the rat and have an opening large enough to fit the bowl. This one held party pretzels.

12" irrigation riser has threads on both ends and found in my yard.

The plumbing fittings work on the riser and were left over from toilet repairs

Step 2: Drill Hole in the Bottom Plate and Bowl

Using a pair of scissors, drill holes in the center of each piece for a snug fit on the riser. Place plumbing fittings to hold in place.

Step 3: Insert Your Mechanism Into the Bottle

Bend the bottom plate so it will fit in the bottle.

Step 4: Your Trap Is Ready

Place the top bowl on the lip of the bottle. Smear some peanut butter ( my rats like avocado) on the bottom plate. When the rat jumps in.....he is trapped by the bowl sliding in place.

Check your trap twice a day.

To release the rat, lay the bottle on it's side and the rat pushes his way out.

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