Humane Multi-Mouse Trap Zapper - No Pain Instant Death




Introduction: Humane Multi-Mouse Trap Zapper - No Pain Instant Death

Let me start out by clarifying the conflict between "Humane" and "Mouse Zapper".
I have a major mouse pest problem where they eat all my dog and parrot food every night - and many of them .
I tried purchasing several mouse traps which all face different drawbacks:
1. The sticky pad - the mice glue themselves and for hours struggle to get free exhausting themselves to death and die of hunger.
2. The pipe trap - locks them in and then they eventually suffocate after hours - Very bad!
3. The box trap - sometimes cuts their tails when it shuts and what do I do with them then?
4. The standard smack trap - fast death (50% of the time) but only gets one mouse .

So .. I devised this multi-mouse quick death trap using an Arduino which zaps them in the head for 2 sec killing them instantly with no pain (same as done on larger animals human eat ).

Step 1: How It Works....

Here is the back side (end) of the mouse path .. When it reaches the bate it is sensed by an IR sensor which the Arduino senses and activates the zapper

Step 2: The Trap Door

In this picture you can see the trap door activated by a standard mini servo located under the floor..
See details in picture

Step 3: Video

I hope the video of the zapper working with run properly .. I uploaded an MP4 from my cell phone....
Instructable does not embed stream video - you need to DL it first - sorry.

Step 4: Source Code

/* Humane Mouse Zapper - Moris.Zen

#include <Servo.h>
Servo servo1;
// pins
int ledPin = 13;                                       // LED connected to digital pin 13
int AnalogNoseSensorPin = A0 ; // Analog Pin 0
int relayControlPin = 50;
int servoPin = 15;
int NoseLocationVal = 0; // value of the led sensor
// Constants
const int DebugSerialSpeed = 9600;
void setup()
  pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT);      // sets the digital pin as output
  pinMode(AnalogNoseSensorPin,INPUT);  //  throttle handle Analog in 0

void loop()
  digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH);   // sets the LED on
  delay(100);                  // waits for a second
  digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW);    // sets the LED off
  delay(100);                  // waits for a second
  servo1.write(150);// close trap door 
  pinMode(servoPin,INPUT);//silence Servo
  NoseLocationVal = analogRead(AnalogNoseSensorPin); // Optic sensor
    if (NoseLocationVal <50)  {//Check if mouse is inside
        digitalWrite(relayControlPin,LOW); // Zap it
        delay(1000);// Zap for 1 Sec
        digitalWrite(relayControlPin,HIGH); // Stop Zap
        pinMode(servoPin,OUTPUT); // Activate Servo
         servo1.write(20);// Open Trap Door
         delay(2000);// wait for mouse to fall
         servo1.write(150);// close trap door  
         delay(1000);// wait for trap door to close
    else   digitalWrite(relayControlPin,HIGH); // No Shock


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3 years ago

Can you give me the schematics?


5 years ago

What did you use for the HV source?


9 years ago on Introduction

Would it be fair to say that we don't really know if the mouse will feel pain or not?


Reply 6 years ago

Well - I would assume not as it is very fast and direct to the head . may be 50ms or so .

All the other traps are very painful .


6 years ago

Short update .. I fried my Arduino due to the high voltage from the Zapper .

Sorry I dont have the schematics but pritty simple to figure out .


7 years ago on Introduction

The closest equivant commercial product is the Victor Multi Kill Electronic Mouse Trap, which costs $100. Their cheapest, which will only do one mouse, is $20. But, the flashing LED that shows a kill, flashes slow enough that it is a pain to have to stare one down to check if it has a mouse in it.

To avoid making a custom board, and avoid the big breadboard look, does any one know if there is an Arduino shield that will control a high voltage to kill the mouse? I wonder if the power supply to those electro-luminescent wires (a.k.a. Cold Neon) would be appropriate for powering the kill circuit?