Introduction: Humidity Sensor Arduino

This instructable will go through the process of building a working humidity sensor

Step 1: Equipment

The equipment needed to complete this task is quite straight forward all that is needed is:

  1. Arduino Uno board
  2. breadboard
  3. wires
  4. HIH 4030 humidity sensor
  5. Arduino uno cable

Step 2: Setup

The equipment needs to be set up as shown the HIH 4030 can be put in a breadboard this is recommended as it can help protect the sensor from being damaged by the elements and also being damaged when being transported.

Step 3: Code

The code shown needs to be implemented to the arduino uno board using the arduino software. If any problems do occur the error message will be displayed down the bottom of the arduino program if this says com port error than you normally just have to go into tools and then to com port and then you can just change the port.

Step 4: Showing Humidity

When reading humidity:

1: Go into arduino program

2: Press on tools on the top of arduino program and then serial monitor.

3: Humidity should be displayed as shown.