Introduction: Humidity & Temperature Plot Over Website

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Humidity and temperature are very commonplace parameters for measuring at many locations like farm, green house, clinical, industries home and workplaces. Today i am here with our next extended mission based totally of IOT, goal is to reveal the present day humidity & temperature and show these parameters trade at the LCD also nicely on the internet server the usage of ESP8266. it's miles completed by means of the records communications between Arduino, LCD, DHT11 sensor Module and ESP8266 WIFI module. Celsius scale thermometer and percentage scale humidity meter shows the ambient temperature and humidity thru a liquid crystal display and also sends to thingspeak server for stay tracking from anywhere within the international.

Description :This IOT based project has four maximum sections. One senses the humidity and temperature through using humidity and temperature sensor particularly DHT11. Second segment reads the dht11 sensor module’s output and extracts temperature and humidity values right into an appropriate range in percentage and Celsius scale and ship these values to net server (thingspeak). And last one a part of system indicates humidity and temperature on LCD. Last segment is optional.
Thingspeak provide a excellent tool for IOT based totally mission for arduino or IOT lovers. with the aid of the use of thingspeak web site we will moniter our facts on its IOT pages and additionally we can control our device for the identical pages. right here we're handiest explaing approximately how we're sending records to thingspeak server through using ESP8266 WIFI Module.

Step 1: Circuit and Connections

Step 2: Working

Working of this project is based totally on single cord serial communication for fetching facts from DHT11. First Arduino send a begin signal to DHT module after which DHT gives a response signal with containing information. Arduino accumulate and extract in parts one is humidity and 2nd is temperature and then send to 16x2 liquid crystal display as well as ship to server. The Data will posted over internet site then its looks like as given pictures.

Step 3: Hardware Requirements

1. Arduino with cable

2. ESP8266

3. DHT11

4. LCD (optional)

5. 1K resistor

6. Connecting Wires

7. Breadboard or PCB

8. Power Supply

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