Introduction: Hummingbird House

After seeing some craft show houses, I decided to try my hand at some hummingbird houses. Mine reuse some cedar poles, from a clearing job.
Material list is short:
Cedar post or log
wood glue
small dowel or stick
Tool list:
chop saw
3/4" forstner bit
1 1/2" forstner bit
drill press or drill

Step 1: Cut Blocks

Using your saw, cut a piece about 1/2". Next, cut a piece about 4" to 5". The first piece should sit on the end that it was cut from. Note, always you eye protection when using tools.

Step 2: Drill the Inside Hole, the "living Room".

It will be much easier to use a drill press, for this. Set your drill depth to stop at least 1/2" from the bottom. This can be a slow process. Take your time and don't rush. Once the center hole is drilled, change to the smaller 3/4" bit. Drill the door hole a little higher than halfway to the top. Depending on the dowel or stick you use, you will need to drill a hole under the door. Don't drill all the way through, if you can avoid it.

Step 3: Glue Pieces

Using your wood glue, place a bead around the top of the house. Place the thin piece on top. Adjust the placement so that the house looks like one piece.
Put a little glue on the dowel, or stick, and place it into the small hole, for a perch.

Step 4: Hang It Up!

After the glue dries, decide how you want to hang it. You can use a small eye screw and a length of small chain.
Find a good spot to hang it. Possibly near a feeder. That's not all. Hummingbirds use small strings, feathers, dryer lint, and hair to build their nests. You can brush a pet, clean the lint trap, or clean a hair brush to get these items. When you fo, place them on branches near the house. The birds will find them and place them on the house. Good luck!