Introduction: Humpty Dumpty Grassy Heads

Need a friend in the house? Make a Humpty Dumpty Grassy Head. These cute little grassy heads are fun and simple to make and will be sure to brighten your day. All you need to do is eat a couple of eggs for breakfast and you'll have your most important material. 

Step 1: Supplies

Before you make a Humpty Dumpty you need to gather a few supplies. You will need as many eggs as the amount of Humpty Dumpty's you wish to make. You will also need some colorful Sharpie markers, a sharp knife, a butter knife, some potting soil, and grass seed.

Step 2: Removing the Top

Now that you have your supplies, you are ready to begin. First, using the handle of the butter knife, carefully crack the top of the egg. Try to make a small circle of cracks. Next, pull and peel the cracked eggshell away from the egg, keeping the edges as straight as possible. You should end up with about a 1" hole in the top of your egg.

Step 3: Draining and Cleaning Your Egg

The next step to making your Humpty Dumpty Grassy Head is to drain and clean your egg. Holding your egg over a frying pan(or for those non-egg-likers; the garbage) gently shake your egg until the yolk and white are drained. Then, wash your egg under the tap to remove the remnants of the yolk. Dry thoroughly before moving to the next step.

Step 4: Draw a Face

Now its time to give Humpty some characteristics. Using your Sharpies, draw a face on the side of your egg. You could do anything; a grandma, a soccer player, a pirate. If you want to view your grassy head from multiple angles draw more than one face on your egg.

Step 5: Make the Drainage Holes

Next, you need to make a drainage hole in the bottom of Humpty. Using your sharp knife, bore a hole in the bottom of the egg. If the eggshell cracks but doesn't come off, that is all right, so long as water can exit through the cracks.

Step 6: Plant Humpty's Hair

Finally, it's time to give Humpty some hair. Fill the eggshell with potting soil, leaving 1/4" of space between it and the top. Sprinkle grass seed onto the dirt, keeping in mind that more seed makes more hair. Cover the seed with some additional potting soil and pack lightly. Water the seed and allow it to drain. 

Step 7: Grow and Enjoy

Watch your Humpty Dumpty's hair grow and keep them well watered. Once the grass grows a couple of inches you could give it haircuts; mullets, mo-hawks, crew-cuts. Now every time you walk through your house you can admire your little Humptys' hair.

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