Introduction: Hunger Games Mockingbird Pin

This simple project was made using the Rhino software and 3D printed. However, it can also be easily made with a thin cardboard.


  • 3D printing software
  • 3D printer/other material
  • gold paint
  • safety pin

Step 1: Outlining

Firstly, I hopped on Rhino and used PictureFrame to quickly outline a google image of the mockingbird pin. The dimensions were 3x3 inches in 2D

If you are doing this project using another material such as thin cardboard, You can easily print the google image and trace that onto the material of choice.

Step 2: Extruding to a Solid

I then extruded the object to .25 inches. I started with just the ring so I could add more details to the wings.

If you are using cardboard/other, depending on the thickness, I would suggest multiple layers for dimension.

Step 3: Adding Details

I went back to the google image and traced over some of the wing details. Using those outlines, I created different-depth detailings for the wings. I also used Bend to have the right tail wing connect in the center of the ring.

Step 4: Finishing

I ultimately ended up printing two of the pins and cutting/ aligning them so it added dimension. The product as was perfectly fine on its own, however, I liked the idea of the shadowed effect on the wings.

Adding or using gold is also entirely optional, however, I feel it's more realistic and a statement piece as gold.

Once you add a safety pin, it's the perfect finishing touch to any Katniss Everdeen costume.

Happy Creating!

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