Hunting 101

Introduction: Hunting 101

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This instructables is to show a few tips to help hunters prepare for there hunt to make it more successful. I will tell you what I do leading up to the hunt, during and after as well as what to bring. This is gear towards deer rifle hunting but many things will work for bow, turkey,etc. I will show you what I use for clothing, shooting stuff, essentails, You Will most likly be doing a lot of walking so keep in mind to only take with you what you need so your not carrying around extra weight.

Get permission from land owner ahead of time. If somebody lets you hunt on there land give them a gift card or something to thank them.

Set up tree stand or blind before the season.

Make sure you gun is cleaned.

Make sure you have a clean shoot at deer and is range of your gun/bow.

Read hunting regulations guide for current season

Number one thing is BE SAFE

Where you orange

Carry a backpack, fanny pack, chair in bag on sling, gun on sling.

This is a hand gun holster that is just awesome

Step 1: Clothing

Wool socks- better than cotton

extra socks

long underwear pants

warm pants layer

camo colored brush pants

long under wear long sleeve

long sleeve warm shirt

orange hoodie

orange vest or jacket- i like vests because they keep you warm and are not bulky

camo baseball hat-

orange baseball hat

camo winter hat

orange winter hat

orange neck warmer

camo neck warmer

orange finger tip less gloves with mitten cover up for when not shooting

orange pancho

Wash you clothes before going hunting. Use non scent hunting detergent or just baking soda.

After you wash them put them in a big garbage bag to keep un natural smells off of them.

Many of these clothes come in reverseable orange and camo which is nice.

Attach tag holder to back of jacket or vest

Step 2: Essentials

Some of the essentials for hunting are

a tag to legally shoot

a good pair of boots- don't skimp on these this will make all the difference for a comfortable hunt

a Gun or bow with a scope and sling

land to shoot on

practice shooting

Step 3: Pockets/Belt Easy Access


belt ammo holder


phone on silent


grunt / call


distance finder

head lamp

fanny pack for easy storage and access

Step 4: Pack

either camo or orange pack


sharening stone


heat warmers




mylar blanket

scent off


first aid kit

bug spray

water drinking stick

Step 5: Shooting Accessories

shooting stick

ear plugs

ear protection

ammo storage and carrier

clay pigeons

clay pigeons thrower

targets- practice before going out

seating pad with carrying sling


chair bag

Gun bag

Step 6: Food and Water

When hunting you will be outside for a while so it is good to bring some food with so you don't get hungry and end your hunt early. Many hunter will stop and get lunch mid day which can make deer move towards you if your in a stand eating.

Make sure nothing to smelly that deer will pick up on.

Beef jerky is good apples, coffee is good to keep ya going. I use a thermos. Also bring water to keep you hydrated. I also have a camo koosie. A cooler is something else you could bring to put stuff in.

Step 7: After Shooting a Deer


knife sharpening stone

butt out tool

shoulder length cleaning gloves

dragging tool


marker to mark tag

garbage bags

folding saw

hand sanitizer

Step 8: Bow Stuff

Here is a few things needed for bow hunting.

A bow

Bow bag


arrow quiver

arrow quiver sling

arm guard

shooting pull

Practice target

Step 9: Storage

not picutred

shooting stick

ear plugs

bow target


strap vest

Distance finder


walkie talkies

Beef jerky

zip lock bags

zip ties


trail markers

baking soda/ hunting laundry detergent

If there is anything else you would feel free to comment

Will be updating this instructable

don't forget to check this out

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