Huntsman Knife Part 2




Introduction: Huntsman Knife Part 2

About: Hello I made this account so I could show you how I have make some of my projectsI like wood and metal working I hope you enjoy my content and please follow or like also fell free to ask questions

This is part 2 were I make the handle

Step 1: Marking

I marked the knife on the wood also I did a few thing to the knife to make I look better

Step 2: Cutting

Use a saw or jigsaw to cut handle out then cut in half

Step 3: Glueing

Use two part epoxy on handle then apply pressure on knife and wait for dry

Step 4: Sanding

Use a wood file and sandpaper to make a handle to fit your hand

Step 5: Paint or Lacker

I painted the handle with black paint then after two days I decided to use lacker on handle

Step 6: Sharpening

Use a bench grinder first for a rough sharpening then use file and sandpaper for a nice sharp blade but I'm go going to have I bit blunt because I'm gonna use it for hacking branches

Step 7: Done

Please like and comment any ideas

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    6 years ago

    this guy has very simple tools, and he does it amazingly


    6 years ago

    this guy has very simple tools, and he does it amazingly


    7 years ago


    It's good to see you want to make knives but I would like to offer some tips.

    First, use a steel that will harden. All that work for a knife that won't hold an edge is a shame. I don't know what country you're in but if you let me know I'll mention some simple carbon steels that you can get there and can heat treat yourself.

    Second, spend more time on that blade before you move on.

    If you see what I've done here, and compare it to your's you can see what I mean.

    Although I've used a belt grinder you can do the same with a file or the flat side of your stone wheel. You don't have to go as high as I did on that one but take your time to get it even. Once you've done that then heat treat it to harden the edge and turn it into a usable tool.

    Third, the handle area. I bet that handle is not as comfy as it could be. It looks like it would fit the hand well if you rounded out the finger grooves. Next, drill some pin holes in the steel before you harden. The handle you've done, if it gets knocked to the side the glue might not hold up. Pins will stop that. Also, sand a shape the front of the handle scales before you glue it all together. Getting into that area when glued is so tricky.

    If you see this handle, it shows what I mean.

    Any questions, feel free to ask and I hope that helps you in your knifemaking.


    7 years ago

    Great project mate the Huntsman is a great design. I've made one myself, was looking for a photo to share so you could see it but can't seem to find any photos on my HDD, I'll post when i find it. A few suggestions, you should have tried to heat treat the blade, for a blade that small u can use your coal BBQ ;) depending on the steel you used, with a bit of polishing you could get a nice hamon, also the lines on the handle are very sharp, a little more shaping would make the handle more ergonomic. Still great job.