Introduction: Hydraulic Car Jack

How to on Building an Awesome Machine.

Step 1: Materials, and Tools

The materials that you are going to need for this project are two syringes that are the same size, at least a foot of pipe that fits on the syringes, some sort of bucket that will stand by itself, and some cardboard (at least the size of the top of the bucket). You will also need a very sharp knife that can cut through the bucket, scissors, hot glue, and a hot glue gun, and a pencil.

Step 2: Step One:

Once you have gotten all the materials, and tools, you have to cut a hole on the top of the bucket, and one in the bottom so that both of the syringes can fit. Please have a parent of guardian helping you with the cutting. Then, you should put the syringes in the holes, and the piping attached to the end syringes that are in the bucket. When you are ready, put some water inside only one of the syringes, so that now when you press down on the syringes, the other will move up!

Step 3: Step Two:

The next step is to draw out a big circle on the piece of cardboard. This way you can put the car on the cardboard where it will be sturdier. Then, use the hot glue gun to glue the cardboard circle on the syringe top on the top of the bucket. Make sure that you have a parent or guardian to help with the hot glue. Now, it’s your choice, do you want to glue a little car on the cardboard, or not. (Don’t stress out about this decision.) If your syringes are moving around, feel free to hot glue those on too!

Step 4: Finish:

Now it’s time to play! You can even decorate it to! Have fun!