Introduction: Hydraulic Press for Fruit Juice

About: I like hiking and travelling, there I will recieve inspiration for my idea.

This device is for those, who like to make fruit juice & wine.

Step 1: Materials & Tools


· profile square metal 45х45mm - 2.6m

· beech batten 330х40х16mm – 23 pcs

· beech board 350x100x25mm – 6pcs

· Metal plate 1030x40x4mm – 2pcs

· OSB board 340x340mm - 1pcs

· Self-drilling screw 3х30mm – 4 pcs

· Woods screw 4.5x45mm - 30pcs

· Woods screw 3.5x16mm - 46pcs

· Mounting strip 70x20mm - 2 pcs

· Metal bar 36x6mm– 1pcs

· Blue paint


· Drilling machine

· Angle grinder

· Cordless drill

· Welding machine

· PH bits

· HSS twist drills 8mm

· Jig saw

Step 2: Make Frame for the Hydraulic Press.

I cut metal square profile with the help of an angle grinder according to the sketch. Then I welded cutting parts according to the sketch. I Took an osb , then fixed it by self-drilling screw to the basis of the press. I painted frame in blue color.

Step 3: Make a Barrel.

I take metal plate 1030x40mm to make barrel rim. Then drill a hole (23pcs) diameter 4mm every 47 mm. Metal plate is bend in circle and the end of the plate is weld, so we get inner diameter 320mm. Paint barrel rim. Fix rim to wooden beech battens (23 pcs) by woods screw 3.5x16mm.

Step 4: Make a Beech Piston.

Three beech boards are united with three beech boards in the form of the cross by woods screw 4.5x45mm. Make piston of the circle diameter 315 mm by jig saw. I clamp metal bar in the vice and curve it according to the sketch. We got the metal handle of the piston. I fix handle of the piston by mounting strip (2 pcs) and by woods screw 4.5x45mm (4 pcs).

Step 5: Step 5. Equipment of the Press and Testing.

I need container for juice collection. I buy galvanized basin and drill hole diameter 19mm in it. I buy polypropylene bag on 25kg food products for fruit puree. I take auto jack of 3500 kg and wooden bars for squeezing juice. I receive 7-8 liter juice from 10 liter fruit puree.

Step 6: How It Works?.