Introduction: Hydro Light

This is a light for just home decor or a night light.

Here's what you'll need for this Hydro light!
1 Hydro flask

1 Lid

1 Rubber boot
1 Pack of LED Color Changing Puck Lights
Drill press



hack saw

Step 1: Design

First make sure you know what design you want on the flask and do your best to think out how you will preform this design.

Step 2: Be Safe Then, Drill More Dremel Less

Safety first!!!!!!!!! then, I found it easiest to drill the holes out the most and dremel the smallest amount possible because the dremel bits will get worn out very fast and it is hard to cut though the double walls of the flask

Step 3: Cut the Bottom

Secure the hydro in the vice and cut the bottom off.

Step 4: Fit the LED

Slice a very small horizontal hole in the rubber boot of the hydro and fish the line though the hole to set the led puck snugly in place. then place the boot and led on the hydro and plug it in!!!!!!

Step 5:

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