Hydro Powered Computer Model

Introduction: Hydro Powered Computer Model

Hydro Powered Computer (Mixed)

Created and designed by Kaylan Reynolds, age 13

July 30th


Hi, My name is Kaylan Reynolds and I have created a computer that is run by Hydro Power. I recently started Tinkercad with the idea of designing computer parts and buildings. I started by creating an RTX 2080 Ti from scratch and without any help. It turned out well, however I didn't feel right as it wasn't based on something I created. Only 2 days ago I saw the competition advertised for students and thought that could be a way of getting some of my ideas out there.

This computer is probably one that you wouldn't find on the internet. It has multiple different components and devices that a regular computer would not particularly have. The main focus of making this computer was to show that technology doesn't only have to be powered by the outlet in peoples homes. Power can be created by many different things, some that are healthy and non-harmful to the Earth like Solar or Hydro Power as you will get to know about later. Whereas some are damaging our Earth, like Nuclear or Coal. I want to be able to create a power source that is sustainable and resourceful.

Original idea,

The original idea of this project was to make a regular computer. With all the correct parts like the CPU, SSD, Graphics Card and everything else. Though, when I entered the competition it said that I could create something that involves a solution. That's where Hydro Power came into it.

The whole concept of Hydro Power fascinated me when me and my group at school were creating a model that took an idea from nature. We took an idea from whales, where they blown out water from their snout when they rise above the water. This idea was apart of a new and improved cooling system, where water evaporates and creates a gas. This extremely cold gas that was created in the computer would go through every part of the system. Then there was the problem of nature friendly power, we then had the idea of a hydro powered computer. Even though we never got around to making a cardboard cut out of it, it was still a really good idea.

Hydro Power

Here's a explanation of what Hydro Power is - "Hydro power uses a fuel—water—that is not reduced or used up in the process. Because the water cycle is an endless, constantly recharging system, Hydro power is considered a renewable energy. When flowing water is captured and turned into electricity, it is called hydroelectric power or Hydro power." -https://www.energy.gov/eere/water/how-hydropower-works


The supplies that were used in the process of the designing were images of computer parts. I also used a video to help me create the PC itself.

Here's the the video

Step 1: Hydro Power (Attachment to the Computer)

This image shows where the Hydro Power generator, storage, transformers and cables are. The orange cables have copper wiring inside them to transfer the energy into the two power storage devices. Once in the first storage, the necessary amount of energy needed is then transferred into the second storage, which is then spread out through the computer.

Step 2: Hydro Power (The Generators)

The generator is made up of 4 different things, the pipes(where the water runs from), the turbine(the source of energy), the transformers,(the transformed energy) then the two cables. There is also a pump that increases the velocity of the water.

Step 3: Hydro Power (Storage)

These two storage devices keep all the power inside them. The main storage is the one with the logo on top of it, the second is the one with a single cable running into it. The main storage stores all the energy that the other cables transfer, then it delivers all the necessary and needed energy into the second one.

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    2 years ago

    Wow, thanks so much for writing this comment! I really appreciate the feedback and I'll no doubt use it in my project.

    It really seems like you know quite a bit on the subject, and your knowledge is certainly at a high standard! :)

    Thanks so much


    2 years ago

    Hi, I like your creativity and ingenuity, but I do see some problems and have some suggestions related to the principle of function in this system.
    If you read this comment, please don't take this in a bad way. I'm giving my opinions and constructive criticism on this subject, but by no means does that make this project not fun and creative. I think it's great that you're trying to solve problems, and I really don't want to ruin that mindset, so keep up the thinking.

    Hydro power
    Hydro power generates electricity by taking advantage of the water cycle. Water flows from mountains to rivers and into the ocean, then is evaporated and transferred back to the mountains. Turbines are turned by the motion of the water and converts the energy to electricity. This energy may be "free", but it's not created out of nothing. It's simply being transformed from one from of energy (motion) to another (flow of electrons).
    The problem with this solution
    From my understanding, you use a pump to accelerate the water and then use a turbine to generate electricity for the pump and stores the extra for the rest of the machine. This may sound good to you in theory, but it would not work in reality, for one reason: the law of conservation of energy along with inefficiencies. The law states that no energy can be created nor destroyed, but only converted into another form of energy. This would mean that the best condition that this machine can run at is with the generator generating just enough electricity to make the pump run, but no more to power the computer. However, nothing is 100% efficient in electricity, so adding friction of the water against the container, inefficiency in the pump, transformer, generator, and wire, the system cannot even sustain itself let alone providing power to the computer.
    How to make a working green energy generator
    While hydro power may not work, there are many alternatives you can go for. Wind turbines and solar panels are particularly effective ones for home use. You can power the PC from solar panels that are set up from the roof of the house. You would simply need solar panels, a 12v solar charge controller or a boost converter, a battery, and some wiring. You can find many tutorials on Instructables for making DIY solar panels, though keep in mind that you may need few big solar panels to be able to sustain the 400-600W required for a PC.

    Other than that, I really like how you modeled the rest of the computer :)