Introduction: Hydroelectric Power Generator

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A relief from power outages for houses in areas near rivers e.g some Pakistani cities and fiy I'm from Pakistan

Step 1: Step:1 Get the Stuff

the things you need for this generator are:

1. An old car or truck alternator(generator)

2. Radiator Fan from an old truck or get it at the car supplies store

3.12VDC to 220VAC inverter

4. 12V 300 Ah Lead acid battery

5. Some Dc Wires

Step 2: Step:2 Attaching the Fan

Now take the radiator fan and attach it to the alternator by twisting the ring of the fan downwards on the rotor of the alternator

Step 3: Step 3: Attaching the Batteries to the Inverter

Take some electrical wires and tie them to the negative and positive terminals of the inverter
and then tie those wires two the battery.

Step 4: Final Step:Connecting All Together

Now tie two wires one on the +tive and other on the -tive terminal of the alternator then make their final connections on the battery . Finally now keep your alternator near the water source and then plug in any thing in the inverter and your generator will run

Step 5: Assistance

For any queries or issues you can contact me on my instructable account till then Goodbye.

Step 6: