Hydroelectric Power Generator

Introduction: Hydroelectric Power Generator

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A relief from power outages for houses in areas near rivers e.g some Pakistani cities and fiy I'm from Pakistan

Step 1: Step:1 Get the Stuff

the things you need for this generator are:

1. An old car or truck alternator(generator)

2. Radiator Fan from an old truck or get it at the car supplies store

3.12VDC to 220VAC inverter

4. 12V 300 Ah Lead acid battery

5. Some Dc Wires

Step 2: Step:2 Attaching the Fan

Now take the radiator fan and attach it to the alternator by twisting the ring of the fan downwards on the rotor of the alternator

Step 3: Step 3: Attaching the Batteries to the Inverter

Take some electrical wires and tie them to the negative and positive terminals of the inverter
and then tie those wires two the battery.

Step 4: Final Step:Connecting All Together

Now tie two wires one on the +tive and other on the -tive terminal of the alternator then make their final connections on the battery . Finally now keep your alternator near the water source and then plug in any thing in the inverter and your generator will run

Step 5: Assistance

For any queries or issues you can contact me on my instructable account till then Goodbye.

Step 6:

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    6 years ago

    The materials mentioned are too difficult to get


    6 years ago

    When I was in my previous job at a university we used to set a project for first year students to make a setup like this and we ran a competition for the power output. They used a dc motor as the generator coupled to the pelton wheel by a transmission of their own design. The wheel was 3d printed to their design and they had to make the housing and a voltage regulator. I'm not sure how you are thinking of using this for real power generation, the setup in your first photo is not going to give much power, and you don't say what you would use to turn the generator. Or how to connect the generator to the invertor and battery. A few more details would be helpful.


    Reply 6 years ago

    The picture of the cover is not real it took from google images plus i will use the the fins of truck radiator fan to rotate the alternator plus to connect the inverter there is a plug attach to the alternator which had dc wires +tive -tive connected to it so just tie those wires of the alternator to the battery terminals then lock them up with those screw clips that are on a car battery and if u think like this it will start the motor well it will not because there is a converter pcb inside the alternator which doesnot allow any power from the battery to backfire now just simply go to the market and buy a 12v dc to 220v dc solar or car inverter if u have a solar inverter then just simply by some large size aligator clips and tie up the wires of your inveter with them and then connect them up with you're battery terminals +to+ -to- then just put it along side a river or water stream and turn on the inverter switch and voila you have power and you might be thinking why i used a battery why not just directly i hooked up the inverter with alternator well if u do that the the power will fluctuate as the water flow changes from high to low or low to high and ure electricity will not be stored plus u will not get a constant voltage of 220v volts by which ur some appliances might burn.And the inverter u want to buy depends on ur useage first calculate your useage than get ur inverter if u have a heavy load more than 3600w than dont buy the 300ah lead acid battery get a higher one