Introduction: Hydronic Solar Thermal System for Winter Space Heating

This is a collection of photos showing my Hydronic Solar Thermal System that I use for winter space heating. The heart of the system is an array of flat panel solar thermal collectors that heat up water when the sun is shining on them. The heated water is circulated through pex radiant in-floor heating loops underneath my kitchen floor. The result is 3000 to 4500 watts of free heat delivered to the inside of my home during sunny periods.
At this present time, the system is up and running and producing plenty of useable heat. However, it is far from complete as I have plenty of expansion planned in the coming months. The system currently heats only the kitchen on the main floor but will be expanded to cover almost the entire main floor of my house. I will also add the ability for the system to heat domestic hot water for use in my showers and lavatory sinks.
A full instructable is under construction for this project. I will try to highlight as many features as I can with the note feature in these pictures. If you have any questions please feel free to ask away or visit for more information on solar thermal projects that you can build yourself.