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Hey, how's your 2016? Amazing, right?

Well, I have a great idea to end your amazing 2016. It's about how to make the 2 in 1 hydroponic. First, you grow indoor hydroponically; second, you have an aquarium too. I make this using trash and cheap parts, so the budget for make this stuff is under 5$.

Okay, here we go!

Step 1: You Need

  • A transparent plastic container with the cover
  • 3 net pots (less or more)
  • Rockwools
  • Plants (leafy vegetables)
  • Aquarium ornaments (sands and/or rocks)
  • Water
  • A cute fish


  • A cutter / Knife
  • A nail (or use the needle of the compass)
  • A compass

Step 2: The Container Lid

  • Specify the place for the netpots
  • Next, make the circles on the lid of the container. Use the compass. The diameter and the number of the holes depends on your netpot's diameter and your diameter of the container cover.
  • Cut the circles using your cutter. Be careful! Don't cuts any object around you!
  • After you cut a circle, you can try insert the net pots. If the net pots can't insert freely, you just need to make the circle bigger. This will looks like image 5, 6, and 7

Step 3: The Ornaments

  • First, wash your ornaments
  • Next, I fill the container with the ornaments,like rocks and sand. Not to much, just a 1/4 part or less
  • Fill the container with water

Step 4: Plants

  • Put the rockwools into the net pots
  • Put the plants into the netpots. Place right in the middle.
  • It will looks like image
  • Next, we need to build this aquarium

Step 5: Lets Build This

  • After the water clean, put the fish into the container
  • Next, don't forget to make a hole for the fish for take a breath. I use the needle of the compass for make the hole, but you can also use nail or cutter for make the hole
  • Next, put the cover on top of the container
  • Put all the net pots to this container

And voila. There you have it.

Step 6: Watch the Video

Now, you have your own Hydroponic Aquarium. You can place this indoor or outdoor. But i love to place this inside my house, so i can watch the plants grows!

Thanks for look my works

I hope you enjoy this.

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Thank you so much.

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