Introduction: Hydroponic Window Farm

This is my latest version for an 8 plants airlift hydroponic window farm system. after many trials this system is an upgrade for the V3 airlift system that can be found on and the Israeli window farm version.

The main difference in this window farm is the new way of cutting the bottles which eliminates the need of hard cone drilling at the bottom of the bottle and also eliminates the need for a swinging suspension system!!!

Step 1: Get the Stuff...

once you get all the tools and materials right, building this window farm will be a piece of cake:

2 X outlet air pump 3.5 W or stronger

4 X one way air valve

19 feet - 7/4 mm black PVC irrigation pipe (0.27 in)

2 X two way irrigation connector

2 X T irrigation connector

spray paint

one hole puncher

15 zip ties

2 shelf brackets

8 plastic pots (3.5 inch)

0.264 gal/ 2 liter - hydroponic media turf or clay pallets.

irrigation hole puncher (optional)


utility knife,

paint mask

you can see all the stuff in the following you tube

Step 2: Build Your Window Farm

important notes after you've seen the tutorial

before you begin, make a test with one bottle and one pot just to make sure they fit right (i am using Schweppes bottles with 3.5 inch pots). you want the pot to sit tightly in the middle of the cut growing bottle. we want to leave some space for root development...

if you have allot of sun i recommend painting the bottles in a darker
color because the white paint always allows some light in. f

Step 3: Where to Hang It?

even the best window farm in the world won't grow in the dark...make sure you hang it in a sunny window or sun facing wall on your balcony. and if you have a'll be amazed