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HYDROPONICS GROW IT is an hydroponic grow kit, simple to use, with a low/medium skill level.
Grow light kit is recommended.

The HYDROPONICS GROW IT is a small and compact Hydroponic System.
It is a simple e reliable way of growing plants easier then rival systems.
Suitable for beginners!
The GROW IT is a top flooding low-level ebb & flood system. It can be used with all growing media.

Why use a GROW IT?

- Excellent delivery and even distribution of nutrient solution.
- Adjustable delivery tube.
- Low-level system to maximize headroom.
- Deluxe fittings for quicker drainage.

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Step 1:

Fill the tank with waters and nutrients as indicated on the scheme of your nutrient. An EC meter is very useful.

Step 2:

Connect the water pump with the irrigation system through the tray.

Step 3:

Fill the tray with hydrokorrels and place rockwool cubes previously propagated.

Step 4:

Start the system setting the timer for 15 minutes of irrigation every 2-3 hours and 15 minutes of irrigation in the middle of the dark period.

Step 5:

Set the timer on 18 hours of light per day.

Step 6:

Check the pH values of your grow kit and, if necessary, correct the value with pH- or pH+ corrector.

Step 7:

Check the EC values of your grow kit and, if necessary, correct the value adding nutrients or diluting with water.

Step 8:

Always check the temperature of the nutrient solution. Under 18 degrees and over 26 solution can be damaged and could give some problems to the plants.

Step 9:

Every 15 days change completly the nutrient solution with a deep cleaning of the tank with Atami Ataclean to remove molds, algae and saline deposits.