Introduction: Hyper Guitar (with Special Deal for "instructablers")

Expand your guitar with MIDI controllers to tweak and warp your strums and slaps. Learn from Silvain Pohu how he used I-CubeX and other technology to enhance his guitar playing.

Step 1: Get the Gear

You will need the following items to complete this instructable:

1. Finger pressure sensor
2. Rotation sensor
3. Distance sensor
4. Sensor to MIDI interface (with configuration and mapping software)
5. Sound to computer interface
6. MIDI to computer interface
7. Sound processing software
8. Computer
9. Electric guitar

For item 1-4, use eg. the I-CubeX StarterPack
For item 5-6, use eg. PreSonus or M-Audio
For item 7, use eg. Guitar Rig

Step 2: Install Touch Sensor

Attach the finger pressure sensor (eg. I-CubeX Touch sensor) near the bridge.

Step 3: Replace Knob

Remove one of the knobs and its potentiometer on the base of the guitar and install the rotation sensor (eg. I-CubeX Turn sensor) in its place.

Step 4: Install Distance Sensor

Place the distance sensor (eg. I-CubeX ReachClose sensor) on the head of the guitar such that it detects the position of your hand on the neck of the guitar.

Step 5: Install Sensor Interface

Attach the sensor interface (eg. I-CubeX microDig) to the side of the guitar using eg. velcro. Connect the sensors to the sensor interface.

Step 6: MIDI and Sound Connections

Connect the sensor to MIDI interface to the MIDI interface.
Connect the guitar sound output to the sound interface.
Power up !

Step 7: Sensor Configuration

Configure the sensor to MIDI interface using its editor software, and map each sensor signal to a separate MIDI message. If using the I-CubeX StarterPack, see its get started video for a detailed explanation on how to do that.

Step 8: Configure the Sound Software

Configure the sound software (eg. Guitar Rig) such that it receives the MIDI messages you configured the sensor interface to send. Select the MIDI ports that you use to transmit the sensor messages then right-click the guitar sound effect you want to control and select "learn" to map the sensor messages to the guitar sound effect.

Step 9: Try It Out !

Try it out and see the video for a demonstration of the hyper guitar by Silvain Pohu. Also think about adding or using other MIDI controllers. Check the I-CubeX website for a wealth of controller ideas.