Introduction: Hyrule Shield

One of my favorite video games is zelda, and it's most iconic "weapon" is the classic Hyrule Shield. For a school project, i got the opportunity to build it and replicate the famous tool used by Link. Disclaimer: don't use it as an actual shield, it might break.

Step 1: Materials Needed

For this awesome shield, you'll need:

- Paper Maché Glue

- A lot of Newspaper

- Paper Towels

- Wood

- Batteries

- Cardboard

- Velcro

- Wires

- Aluminium Tape

- Normal Tape

- LED Strips

- Silver Paint

- Red Paint

- Navy/Deep Blue Paint

- Yellow Paint

- Glow-In-The-Dark Powder

- Some containers for the paint

Step 2: Making the Base

First of all, take your wood. Determine the shape that you wish to have while staying in the idea of having a Hylian Shield. Use whatever way of cutting in the wood that you want, whether it's sanding it or using a saw. if this goes well, you should end up with a flat piece of wood that has your desired shape and size.

Step 3: Paper Mache

Bring your paper mache glue, newspapers and towels, lay out your previously cut wood and then start crumbling your towels to make little dunes (make the height go gradually up as you. Start laying them on the wood while covering them with your newspaper strips dipped in glue. Try to keep the newspaper strips decently thin to have more control. Do it until you're satisfied with the height and slope.

Step 4: Painting

Take your paints and glow-in-the-dark powder

This is the longest part as you'll have to wait for each layer to dry. First cover your entire shield with silver paint in order to make sure that it sticks. Put 2 layers of each paint to get a cleaner look. Once the silver paint dries, put the blue paint on while leaving some silver paint showing on the borders. Let it dry, then mix your powder with your red and yellow paint separately. Then, start painting the triforce with the yellow paint and the bird with the red paint (use google images for designs).after you're done, you can move on to the electronics.

Step 5: The Back Side of the Shield.

For the electronics, you'll need your LED Strips, wires, battery, cardboard, and both tapes. Get your LED Strips and put it all around the shield. After you're done use any sort of glue to make the LEDs stay on the shield. take the bit with wires and stick it to the back of the shield.

Create a switch by using cardboard and aluminium tape. Tape the wire to the cardboard on each side then glue one side of the cardboard to the back side of the shield. finish the circuit by taping the battery to the wood.

Now take your velcro, cut an amount that allows you to fit your arm in and either staple or glue it to the shield.

And you should be done with the building. Now have fun with the playing