Introduction: I Can Calendar- From Plywood (Educational Calendar for Kids)

I wanted to teach my 6 year old daughter about the days of the week in a fun way. So I came up with the Idea of a calendar the she can set to the right date every morning and that where the I can Calender comes from.

Step 1: Drawings of the Frame

The drawing was done in Inkscape and was designed for 3mm ply wood.

Step 2: Drawing for the Weeks,months and the Numbers

The weeks and months was fairly easy how ever getting to the number I had to sit down and think about it for a but. What I came up with is that you going to need...

2 x ones

2 x two's

2 x three's

and a six that can be used as a nine





Step 3: Cutting the Ply Blocks

I used 19mm ply to cut 5 blocks for the months and the days of the week 19mm x 19mm x 77mm.

to make the 38mm x 38mm x 38mm I just glued two 19mm ply boards together and cut them in to square bloxs

Step 4: Laser Cutter Time

First I cut out the box to hold all the blocks, then engrave all the numbers,days of the week and the months.

For the days of the week I added an extra day "Playday" this can be like a reward for the kids a day of no chores or something along those lines. I wanted to make it a birthday but that's only once a year no fun in that.

Step 5: ​ Assembly

I start by laying all the pieces on a flat surface.

1. insert the bottom and the small back piece in to one of the sides

2. Slot the main "I can calendar board" in to place

3. Place the other side piece on top.

4. Optional A little super glue to hold it all together

Step 6: Final Step

Load all the blocks in and have fun with your kids. OH.... Don't forget to download all the files you need

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