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Hello from Argentina.

I'm a Dj on a local disco. A few months ago, in an action without thinking about the consequences and product of the combination of a very good day of mixing, making the audience dance and the effects of alcohol I ended the night throwing my beloved headphones to the public as a drummer would throw the chopsticks.

Thanks to this my precious Beat's mixr got damaged. Due to the high price and that in my country it is not easy to get these headphones I was forced to look for a solution for the next night of disco.

Step 1: Disarm

In the first instance, I disassembled the headphones integrally. It is not complex but you have to take care of certain details and pieces so that they can be reassembled correctly.

Look for a video tutorial, but in simple steps it's like this:

The caps of the headphone pivot point are removed.

The screw is loosened and the headband unlocks.

The silver loops and the rubber band are removed.

To access the connection of the cables, the internal plastic tip slides and finally the headset is separated from the headband.

In this way it disarms from both sides.

The headband and headphones remain in 3 pieces.

Step 2: X ERROR X - First Test

From the beginning I knew that part of the earpiece was strong enough to stick only with a glue like Cyanoacrylate or something. Then I decided to add a reinforcement that goes inside the body as a nerve.

I cut a sheet of 20mm x 5mm. I made the respective measurements and marks.

Take my Dremmel and with a 1mm drill I made the hole for the insert.

After checking that everything fits and is aligned, mix cyanoacrylate and sodium bicarbonate (paste to generate greater hardness) and stick it.

I left 12 hours of drying and performed the tests. It worked wonderfully. I assembled the Beat's again and gave it an exaggerated use to check if it really worked.

Unfortunately after a few hours of use the glue gave way and the sheet did not fulfill its function.

They twisted. The sheet was not stiff enough.

Step 3: Solved

After the first test disarm again with another idea.

I needed something with more rigidity. A steel rod was perfect.

To obtain two rods of that thickness, use the back of two old 1.25mm drill bits. I got two hard rods that went inside the case and they had the perfect measurement.

Again perform the measurements and respective holes. 30mm in total measure the reinforcements. After having embedded everything I made the same mixture of cyanoacrylate + sodium bicarbonate, I put the reinforcements, fit and paste.

Add more Ciano and let it dry.

Step 4: Success

The last step was with a file to accommodate the excess of paste and the final assembly.

They really were very firm and 20 days ago I have been using them without any problem. They are strong, they do not give way they do not make noise or anything.

It remains to add a little putty and repaint, but that will be another time.

And keep mixing.

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