I Found, I Draw, Digging Workshop

Introduction: I Found, I Draw, Digging Workshop

About: Im an artist based in Singapore.


The objectives are two folds.
1. Adults can learn to create simple clay reliefs sculptures.
2. Children can learn about cave paintings and developed interests and ideas of art, history and archeology, through play and drawings


This workshop is in 2 sessions and are created for parents with children.

Session 1:(Parents to do)

Parents can follow the first sessions to make clay medallions(reliefs) of figures drawn from Southeast Asia Rock art by the instructor.

Session 2:(Children to do with parents' assistance)

When the clay medallions are created by the parents, they can guide their children to create frottages*.(Videos 3)
*Frottages are pencil rubbings over the relief sculptures(Clay medallions) to create drawings.


Thanks and feel free to share this online workshop with others. You can find my other art projects at this link.


  1. clays
  2. tools for sculpting the clays
  3. Used ground coffee powder(To be sun and dried)
  4. Tray
  5. Butter paper/baking paper/tracing paper all can be used for frottages
  6. Printer and A4 papers to print the activity book provided by instructor.
  7. Pencils

Step 1: Video 1: Clays and Tools: Preparing the Clay

1. Print out the Template for cutting figures to make clay medallions.

2. Cut out the template figures.

3. Follow Video 1 to prepare the clay for sculpting.

Step 2: Drawing and Sculpting: Making the Clay Medallion

Follow Video 2 to make the clay medallions

Step 3: The 'play' of Finding the Clay Medallion and Frottage

1.Follow Video 3 to prepare the 'soil'(used ground coffee powder) and place the clay medallions inside the try for children to play 'little archeologists'.

2. Print out the activity book and prepare the drawing papers and pencils on standby.

3. Get the child to 'find the clay medallions'.

4. Do the frottages with the children and paste them into the activity books.

5. Finish.

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