Introduction: I Love U Magnet

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Hi today I will be telling u ho to make a maggnet

You will need
. Plastick or Had writable plastic
.a sharpie (any color will work)
.a small or big maggnet depending on the size of plastick your using


Plastic or hard wrightable plastic
A sharpie(any color)
A small or big maggnet depending on how big a maggnet u plan on making
Hot glue

Step 1: 1

Gather up apll you will need and take the plastic.

Step 2:

Take a sharpie and wright a kind message to some one u car about on it

Step 3:

Take the hot glue and put it on the back of your plastic so you can see what you wrote on the front of your plastic

Step 4:

Then you will have to let it dry and then if you want to go and add more to it than u can

Step 5:

Then put anything on your plastic that you want to be on it or Evan draw on it
It's your choice of what you want to do with the magnets and who you are going to give it to rether it is your mom or dad or not anyone else.and you can always make more if you like to or you need to.