Introduction: I Love U Snack Sandwiches

I instantly got inspired for this yummy treat have for Valentine's Day, Sweetest Day, or anytime all year round.

It was absolutely yummy making it as well as eating it.

Your Mise En Place:

Nutella or any brand of hazelnut spread

Hershey's Chocolate Syrup

Bread of your choice (I only had white bread)

A metal heart shaped cookie or sandwich cutter


First spread the Nutella on one slice of bread.

Then squirt the chocolate syrup on the other slice and spread it.

Put the slices to get like you do with any other sandwich

Then take your cookie or sandwich cutter and push into the sandwich to cut out a heart.

Break away the crust and outer pieces from the shape.

Place on a large either plate to write on the plate as well.

Place heart shaped sandwich in the center of the plate.

Take the chocolate syrup (you can pipe icing in place of the syrup) and write an " I " on the top left corner above the heart.

Then write a " U " on the bottom right corner under the shape.


Now you have a gorgeous yet simply little snack to share with your love and to snack alone one.

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