Introduction: “I Love You to the Moon and Back” Card

You will need:
1 piece of white card
A compass
A HB pencil
Any sketching pencil
And last but not least a fountain pen or calligraphy set


Sorry this is my first post and didn’t see the title of this box . This is to make the cover of a wonderful card.

Step 1: The Card Folding

This is a tricky step as you need to be precise on your fold. You can do this gradually so you are able to get it exact.

Step 2: The Moon Base

Here I used a compass but if you are amazing at drawing circles you won’t need to. Draw your circle slightly of centre .

Step 3: The Seas

When you see darker bits on the moon they are its seas, we are going to include them in our card.Border them off with a normal pencil and shade them in with a sketching pencil.

Step 4: The Craters

This is tricky so take your time. To create the craters use a small rubber and rub small dots in various places on the moon.

Step 5: The Colour

Now it’s time to shade the moon. The main colour has to be darker than the seas.

Step 6: The Writing

It’s time to write the message on the front. Make your writing graceful and curly. Write the message “I love you to the moon and back”in the space you have.