Introduction: I Made a Old CD Drive Into Wifi Robot Using Nodemcu,L298N Motor Drive and Many More.

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Purpose Of Making This Project

Purpose of making this project to understand the robotics through structure,electronic and coding for robotics.

Now Read the Full Details Step By Step Given Below and Watch My Full Video To Understand The Full Project Properly And Make Use Of It Thanks For Watching.

Step 1: Materials

Collect all the materials you required in this project

1. Nodemcu esp8266

2. L298N Motor Drive

3. 4 BO\Gear Motors

4. 4 BO Motor Wheels

5. Old CD Drive outer case

6. Jumper Wire

7. USB Cable

8. Nuts & Bolts

9. 9v Battery & Power Bank

Step 2: Now Built the Chassie

Step 3: Complete the Eleectronics

Use The Circuit Diagran To Complete The Electronics

Step 4: Coding

Step 5: Enjoy Your Drive

Watch Ful Video On YouTube To Understand The Full Project

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