Introduction: I Opened a Padlock With a Ring | Can You Guess How?

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In this Instructable, I'll show you how I opened a padlock with a ring.

Wait a minute!

This is not your usual Instructable!

Can you guess how I did it?

There is no cheating. The padlock is real and yes, I will use the ring to open it.

To make it easier to guess, I'll give you 4 clues before revealing the answer.

Scroll down the Instructable and try to guess the answer before I reveal it.

Step 1: Clue Nr 1

There is a very little chance that you will ever use this method in a real life situation

Step 2: Clue Nr 2

After opening the padlock with the ring, the padlock will become unusable.

Step 3: Clue Nr 3

Think about the relationship between materials of the padlock and the ring.

Step 4: Clue Nr 4

If you wear the ring for too long, it will start to melt.

Step 5: The Answer!

The padlock is mainly made from aluminium and the ring is made from gallium.

As you might know, gallium reacts with aluminium and makes it brittle.

Step 6: Making the Ring

I used a 3D printed ring a a mold.

After mixing and degassing the silicone, It was poured into the mold

Step 7: Making the Ring

I removed the plastic ring and used a syringe to inject molten gallium.

As you can see, I had 2 molds, so I made 2 rings at the same time.

Step 8: Making the Ring

I wet-sanded the ring by using an ice cold water.

Step 9: Opening the Padlock

Now when we have a ring, we can use it to open the padlock.

I scratched the padlock a little bit to expose the aluminium better.

I am not sure if it is necessary...I just wanted to make sure everything works the first time.

I used a blue tape to make sure gallium does not drip off.

After putting the ring on top of the padlock, it was melted with a lighter.

I put the padlock in the jar and left it on top of the radiator for a few days.

Step 10: Opening the Padlock

When I checked on the padlock, I noticed a broken corner and a spring.

Now you can see why I put it in the jar.

I wiped off the gallium and used my hands to break the padlock.

That's how I opened the padlock with a ring.

Obviously you will never use it in a real life and that was not the purse of this Instructable.

Hopefully this Instructable made you think......

So, How did you do?