I Built a BS Detector

Introduction: I Built a BS Detector

About: hi i enjoy making ludicrisly over the top and complex devices.... Being an ameture engineer, I refuse pick the easy option, but rather the one that seems best, which inevitably devolves into a weekend of hack…

so as a gag i thought it would be funny if i built a working Bull SH** detector, obviously that would require crazy smart speech algorithms and 30 yrs of heavy research so i had to settle for a fake (irony?) anyways the gag works off of a re purposed civil defense geiger counter and a Mediatek LinkIt ONE dev board to power it and a hobby servo controlling the gauge, with a simple IC 2262/2272 315MHZ 4 Channel Wireless Remote Control

Step 1: Photos

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    Alex in NZ
    Alex in NZ

    3 years ago

    Totally awesome! I have that exact same RC kit which I bought with no idea what to make. This is looking likely!
    Thank you for sharing this :-)


    6 years ago

    Don't hook that device up to the Internet ever. It will explode!