Introduction: I-cord Easy Mug-cosy

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This is the type of project that 'just happened' one day. I had a lot of I-cord (knitted string), that I was not sure what to do with, and once I realised that I can both get rid of a tangly thing lying around and make a nice present for my grandma's birthday. (Which is December 24th)

Step 1: Make Lots of I-cord

First, collect some colourful leftover yarn. This is the hardest part as all the colours should be bright and look nice together. Actually, I decided not to bother and use some variegated sock yarn  that has been lying around since last winter.
Then spend a few evenings watching good old films and knitting a loooooooooong I-cord.
If you don't know what I-cord is, look here, or just about anywhere. Don't be scared if you've never touched knitting needles before; it is very easy

Step 2: Start Sewing

You should make enough I-cord to wind it in spirals around your cup.
Start going up, and when you meet the handle turn 180 and go back wards. Make one of your turns a bit longer to go through the handle, so it can become a buttonhole. Hold everything in place as you proceed with little 'invisible' stitches with an ordinary sewing needle and thread.
It was long to write, but actually the photos are quite self-explanatory. 

Step 3: Sew the Button On

1) Choose a nice-looking button
2) Sew it on.

Step 4: Almost the End...

You should get something like this:

Step 5: The Very End

I hope it turns out a good present. It only took me about four evenings ( the total playing time of 'the Birds', 'About a boy', and something else).

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