Introduction: I Know What Scares You!

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Here is how to make an awesome mask. The mask is made completely out of recycled milk jugs. My dad helped me with the idea because we had looked up Japanese masks before. So I decided to make a mask out of plastic. Since this is my first Instructable I hope you like it. Tell me what you think of the mask . WARNING you will be working with lots of heat please be careful . Also don't be stupid and mold the really hot plastic with your own face . Follow the steps and you will come out with a minimal amount of first degree burns.

Step 1: I Know What Scares You!

These are the tools and supplies you will need.
plaster vasoline
cardboard plastic wrap
old destroyable pillow straw
a friend varnish
old baking pan
old butter knife
heat gun
play dough
5-6 milk jugs
paint to suit

Step 2:

Vasoline the victims entire face. Including eyelids, eyebrows, eyelashes, and teeth (just kidding about the teeth). Plastic wrap all your hair down to your sideburns. This next part is crucial if you mess it up your mom, wife, girlfriend may kill you (trust me !!). Cut the straw into four equal length pieces. Put two in each nostril. Not to far we don't want to hurt you.

Step 3:

Next put the cardboard on the floor then put the destroyable pillow on top. Make sure you are able to stretch out and get comfortable. Yes your head goes on the pillow.

I want to tell you some of my steps don't have pics because my camera corrupted some of the photos.

Step 4:

Have your friend (hopefully he likes you)(not that way) mix the plaster to the right consistency . Then have them spread a thick layer over your face (yes even over your eyes). Try not to move much, and if you want a certain expression on your mask then you must hold this expression until the plaster dries. By the way keep your eyes closed. : )

Step 5:

Once your sure the plaster is dry pull your new mask off. If it sticks make faces at it and it should pull free. Slowly pull it off and place somewhere to sit overnight. Try to keep your eyes closed until your friend tells you there's no plaster on your eyes. Plaster is hard to remove from the eye (very hard).

By the way if don't want a modified mask you can skip down to the melting process once your mask has set.

Step 6:

Once your mask has sat all night varnish the entire mask and let it dry. After it's dry make more plaster and fill the mask full. Leave it until it's completely dry then pull out your new " face".
If you destroy the original mask it's okay unless you break the face too much. You would then have to start over. : (

Step 7:

This is my shortest step. Varnish the new face and let it dry.

Step 8:

Bring out the play dough kiddies. If you want to change the appearance of your face do whatever you wish to it.

Step 9:

Make a wall of play dough around your modified face and check it with a flashlight. The wall must be taller than the mask because your going to fill it full of plaster.

Step 10:

Fill the wall with plaster and let it sit overnight to harden completely.

Step 11:

Once it's hard pull the modified face out of the new mask. This new mask is what your plastic mask will look like. After it's out clean all the playdough out of the mask.

Step 12:

Step 13:

Cut your milk jugs into fifths along the seams. Cut down along a side seam then cut the bottom off along it's seam. Then looking down at the spout cut it into fourths. One cut should go right down the middle of the handle. Do this to all your milk jugs.

Step 14:

Put a layer of plastic over the entire mask letting it hang over the edges of the mask. Melt it in a 550 degree oven watch it very closely. Once your sure it's melted down into the mask pull it out. Put another layer of plastic on the mask making sure to cover any holes and put it back in watch it closely.

Step 15:

Using the heat gun and an old butter knife keep the plastic hot in the mask while slowly pushing it into any cracks with the knife.

Step 16:

Once the mask is to your satisfaction let it cool. Pull it out of the plaster and trim off the extra plastic around the edges of the mask. If you want to wear the mask cut the eyes out also.

Step 17:

Paint the outside of the mask in any way you want. I'm leaving mine white because it looks awesome. Have fun scaring people or making faces of your family . Which by the way last longer than pictures and don't use paper or ink.