Introduction: I Made It at Tech Shop - School Project Mini-Society -

o my son had a project he needed to do for school.  He needed to manufacture a product to sell in a marketplace at his school.  We went to TechShop for 3 reasons:
1 - he loves TechShop
2 - his product needs to be desirable and sell well during the event and I figured not many kids would have access to a laser. 
3 - we have leftover Plexiglas 

Step 1 - draw your product using Adobe Illustrator.  Reason for adobe illustrator is it is the there was a guy at Techshop 3 weeks ago who was nice enough to help me learn how to use it..   I never met him before but he spent about an hour over the course of 3 hours helping me... That is the kind of people you meet there....

Step 1: Step 2 - Load Your Laser Cutter

Step 2: Step 3 - Cut and Check Your Work - Don't Lean on the Machine

Step 3: Peal Your Protective Coating Off the Plexiglas

Step 4: Admire Your Product

Step 5: Clean Up TechShop