Introduction: I2C / IIC LCD Display | Convert a SPI LCD to the I2C LCD Display

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using spi lcd display needs too many connections to do which is really hard to do so i found a module which can convert the i2c lcd to the spi lcd so let's get started.

Step 1: Get the I2C LCD Module and Other Parts

Step 2: Plug the Module to the Display

so plug the module on the back of the display as shown in image and for more precise idea of how to do that please refer video.

Step 3: Install the Libraries

for the i2c lcd download the given library and paste it in libraries folder of arduino as shown in image

Step 4: Get the Address of I2c Display

So to get the i2c address of i2c display just connect the lcd to Arduino as given -

Lcd. Arduino

SDA. >. A4(sda)

SCL. >. A5(scl)

Vcc. >. 5V

Gnd. >. Gnd

Then upload the code i2c scanner to the arduino

then open the serial monitor and you'll find your i2c address on serial monitor as mine is 0x27

Step 5: Upload the Code

go to examples then under arduino liquid crystal i2c library you'll find hello world code and just change the i2c address with the address you got by i2c scanner and upload the code and hello world will be printed on the screen.

If having problem refer video.

Thanks you.