Introduction: I&A Chesse Steak

Hi,today me and my partner Ibn are going to be showing you to make a cheese steak. This is not just any ordinary cheese steak this is the I&A cheese steak. This delightfully delicious cheese steak will melt in mouth and make your taste buds feel like heaven. If you are looking for a way to make a popping cheese steak this is the recipe for you.

Step 1: Get the Ingredients Need for the Recipe

Doing this recipe you will be needing many things. The supplies you will be needing for this is thin steak slices, provolone cheese, frying pan, Velveeta cheese, small red onion, vegetable oil, hoagie roll, bowl, butter knife, plastic spatula, cutting board, knife, a plate, salt and pepper (crushed).

Step 2: Get Your Onions Ready

In this step you will need to get the small onion. Place it on the chopping board. chop the onion in half and peel the outer red skin off. Dice the onion turn on the stove to high. Put it in the frying pan with a two tea spoons of vegetable oil to keep it from sticking. Mix the onions until it is a its a golden brownish color.

Step 3: Get Your Meat Ready

Now that you have gotten the onions cooked its time to cook the meat. Add in the one steak slice to the onions on the stove. Then chop it up with the spatula (or wooden spoon). When the steak slice is chopped add in another and chop them both until brown then turn off the stove.

Step 4: I&A Cheese Steak

Get a plate place the hoagie roll on it. get your knife and slice the hoagie roll the long way as show in the photo above. Now that u have sliced your bread let it lay open so u can apply the ingredients. Get the mayo mar open it and place the butter knife in it. Take out the mayo and smear it on the insides on both bread sides. Then, scoop the meat out of the fry pan with the spatula and place it on the hoagie roll. Add a tea spoon of salt and pepper on top of the steak. Get the Velveeta cheese cut it in half and put it in a bowl. Let it heat up in the microwave until liquid then pour on top of the hoagie then fold the sandwich in half and let your taste buds have a party!!

Step 5: