Introduction: IC Based Overdrive Stompbox

About: Guitar stompboxes maker. Now i started new project "GGDIY". You can find on youtube.

Monolith overdrive

It is my first project, which was completly done with myself.

Original circuit is MXR Dist+, but I add tone control for more treble drive.

I will try to describe you, all about building the stompbox.

Step 1: Prepare Some Components

You need for building this stompbox some components.


1pcs 1nF

2pcs 10nF

2pcs 33nF

1pcs 47nF

1pcs 100nF


1pcs 4K7

4pcs 10K

3pcs 22K

2pcs 1M


2pcs 100K

1pcs 500K


It is up to you, but each type of diode clip signal differently.

I use combination of kz-141 and 1N4148

For signaling, red led


I prefered jrc4558, but i did try IC TL072, TL082 and NMD4580


you must use 3DPT


9V batery clip, power jack, 6,3mm jack female (1pcs stereo, 1pcs mono), and some cables.

Step 2: Do It, PCB

according to the circuit diagram, you do printed circuit board.

You can choice from two ways:

1. Toner transfer to cuprexit

If you done the PCB circuit on your favorite software (I use PCB wizard), you can print your pattern to transfer paper or foil. Or you can try self-adhesive paper with water activated glue. Printed pattern put on cleaned cuprexit surface and add heat iron, after few minutes put the cuprexit with glued pattern into cold water, wait some minutes and you have done. Now you must etch your pattern with FeCl3 etching solution.

2. varnish fix

If you havent any software or printer, you will have to use varnish fix and you will try to paint your pattern on to surface of cuprexit.

If you have etched pattern on cuprexit, you must drill holes for components. After drilling you can install all of that components to PCB and solder it!

Step 3: Wiring, Etc.

If you have mounted PCB, you must solder some wires for connection with switch, pots and power supply.

You od it according the schematics on picture.

Step 4: Case Making, Finish

Your stompbox needs fine box. Buy some aluminium box in electro-store and drill some holes for input and output jacks, power supply jack, for signal led, for pots and for switch.

If you have done, you can try paint your case with spray. If you want a graphic design, you can print your own or original design (on the picture), for add on the surface of your case, you must use transfer paper and hot iron.

If you have done this step, you must mounted and wired pcb transfer to your case. Be careful, you can harm some component or wire in this step.

Step 5: Enjoy Your Stompbox

You have done all steps?

Congratulations, now you enjoy your stompbox.

If you want to build some stompboxes, look at my youtube channel and subscribe it!