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The dimension: Width 25 x Length 35.5 x Height 50 centimeters.

Hello, In this project, I will make all purposes portable BBQ grill for the indoor and outdoor. It cans use charcoal or cook top gas burner stove by placing the on top of the burner. It cans grill, Bake, And Smoke with adjustable grill inside. The portable BBQ grill has an opening door, move able charcoal tray, the flat hooks to hang the tray (If you make 2 size, so it will be closer to the heat), and over size lid cover. It looks good with salmon paint and matt black finished and the natural wood handles. Let’s begin.

Supplies that you need to do iCook’s project.

1. Role steel plate thickness (3 millimeter), angle iron (L shape) size (1 inch), punch hole metal, flat bar steel (1/2 inch)

2. Welding wire and spot welding machine.

3. Wood handle, metal hinged, and screw.

4. Masking tape, cutter, and spray paints (Any colors that you want) I use the regular spray paint, if you do heavy cooking, you need to use the high temperature resistant spray paint.

Step 1: Make the Stove

Prepare to cut the steel plate to the size (123 x 45 centimeters) next I start to bend the steel in to 4 corners, make it like the box. At first I measure to 35.5 centimeters and bend, next is 25 centimeters and bend, 35.5 centimeters, 25 centimeters, and 2 centimeters and bend for the place to welding. After that now I make the bottom plate size (35.5 x 25 centimeters) then make a cut in the middle size (16.5 x 21.5 centimeters) for the charcoal tray or the cook top gas burner and now welded to the 4 sides that already bend. For the charcoal tray, I use the punch metal (Have a small holes) the size is 16.5 x 21.5 centimeters, or make sure that the tray is bigger that the square opening. Then I cut the angle iron (L shape) at 10 centimeters for the legs and now weld the legs to the BBQ stove, and leave the height of the legs at 8 centimeters above the ground.

Step 2: The Inside Rails

Then I do the rails to hang the flat hook inside the stove, I make the hook, just 1 size, and you can make the longer hook to hold the grill. For the rail, I cut about 5 centimeters in width and attach 6 centimeters from the top (You can make any size as long as it can hang the flat hook). Next I make the flat hook, I just bend the metal as flat as I can, so it will take up more space. Make sure that you measure carefully, so it will be the same sizes. Next I adjust the size of the grill, in order to fit inside. (For the grill I bought it, standard size)

Step 3: The Lid and Handle Brackets

Now I cut the lid a little bit bigger (29 x 39 centimeters), next I cut the metal strip width 1 centimeter and weld at the bottom of the lid (Maybe 2 centimeters from the rim of the lid) and make sure that when you close the lid, it will fit inside and the lid will stay in place. Now I cut the opening door in the front for the charcoal, (door size 10 x 20 centimeters ) and weld the metal hinged, wood knob handle attach to the thin metal, that can be use as the lock.

Then cut the steel plate for the handle brackets size (2.5 x 7 centimeters) and also cut at the angle that your hand can reach and hold the wood handle. For the wood handle, the distance of the handle should be 7 centimeters away from the stove and 10 centimeters from the top, do on both sides. I use tree’s branch that 1 inch in diameter and 12 centimeters in length. Then drill the hole in the handle brackets and screw it in to the branch. I did the same thing on other side. Now the handle for the lid should be a little longer, so I cut the branch about 24 centimeters and the brackets is 5 centimeters in height then I drill the hole at the bracket and screw the branch in place.

Step 4: The Spray Paint

Now time to spray paint, at first I draw salmon and began to color in different combinations of color patterns. Then I spray gray in front and on the side of the stove, it will be my outline color, while waiting for the paint to dry. I trace the salmon to the size that fit the stove on the paper, just to make the outline of the salmon. Now I can trace the salmon on to the stove, just to see the outline and I apply the masking tape on the outline. Then I trace the salmon on the masking tape, but this time, I trace all the detail of the fins and others. Next I use the cutter to cut out the outline, now it should look like the drawing, and start to spray the color that I select from one of the pattern, I use about 8 colors; light green, light blue, blue, pink, copper, light gray, silver, and white (you can use less or more colors as you want.) This process takes long, because sometime I need to apply the masking tape the area that don’t to paint, and also wait for the paint to dry. After the salmon is finish, I apply the masking tape to cover the salmon and take the branch handle out and paint everything flat black include the lid. Then put everything back in place. It looks cool and works.


Special Thanks to: Mr. Noom

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