Introduction: ICSP Connector for Arduino Nano Without Soldered Pin Header But Pogo Pin

Make a ICSP connector for Arduino Nano without soldered pin header on the board but Pogo Pin.


3×2 Pin Socket x1 — A

Pitch 2.54mm Dupont Line Wire Female Pin Connector Housing Terminals x6 — B

P75-E2 (1.3mm Conical Head) Spring Test Probe Pogo Pin 1.0mm Thimble x6 — C

2mm Heat Shrink Tube x6 — D

Clothes Peg — E

Step 1: Remove Pins of Pin Socket.

Pins of pin socket are not used.

Pull to remove use long-nose pliers.

Step 2: Widen the Holes of Pin Socket.

Drill the holes to make diameter 1mm.

Step 3: Crimp the Female Housings to the Pogo Pin.

Crimp the female housings to the pogo pin.

Step 4: Insert Pogo Pins in the Pin Socket.

Insert and adhere pogo pins with pin socket.

Step 5: Insulation.

Insulate every pin by heat shrink tube.

Step 6: Make a Part by 3D Printer.

Make a clothes peg part by 3D printer.

Step 7: Finished.