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Edited April 6th 2011. Alright. Been a couple of years since I wrote this instructable. So, I'm going to revise it using correct grammar and changing it abit so you can understand it more clearly then when I typed it out when I was 11/12 years old.
So anyways, I originally, had my father's laptop the overheated quite often when running games on my laptop. So I had to think cold, and thought of the hot/cold packs that contain the blue gel and thought of a way to somehow have the laptop intake be able to take the cold air from the packs to cool down the laptop.

OK......Just to let you know. Im I play lots of games on the Computer. And I have a laptop. But it keeps needed a cooler for a laptop fast. The store ones cost to much or I I thought...think cold.....think cold....and thought of this.

Step 1: Stuff

Edited April 6th 2011: Laptop. Hot/Cold gel packs, a large zip lock bag.

The stuff you need is: A laptop that has problems overheating, ice packs, and a large ziplock bag.

Step 2: Step 1

Edited April 6th 2011: Place the Hot/Cold Bag(s) into the ziplock baggie and place them evenly and then seal the bag without trapping the air inside.

First put all the ice packs into the bag and space them out. And also make sure that there is no air trapped inside

Step 3: Step 2

Edited April 6th 2011: Place the now completed cooling pack under your laptop. If it wobbles or moves around too much, have something like a book or box keep the laptop stable.

Take you new cooler and put it under your laptop. And if you notice its not stable. then put some to stedy it.

Step 4: And You Are Done!

Edited April 6th 2011: Alrightly. Quick note, make sure you have some way of airflow going through the vent so that you computer can still function correctly and not overheat, which is what you were trying to prevent. Pictures explain better then words. you now done with your newly made cooler. Also this could also be an body cooler for hot summer days. Ummm about the ventalation for your laptop. remember it wiggles around? Umm if you waitch my should tell you. And the cooler pak doesnt cover the fan intake and cooling vents.