Introduction: IFTTT for IoT With Intel Edison

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Too many devices, too many apps (for each device), that's to good for a busy professional!

We need not only a "Connected Home" - but also a "Smarter Home"!


Through our own hardware, a multi-wireless IoT Gateway, we use advanced big data analytics and machine learning to create situation and context aware real time voice prompt or mobile notifications at the right time with the right content, based on private and public datasets.

Ultimately it's an smart, easy to use IFTTT engine for IoT!


  1. IoT Gateway Sensor Ingestion + API Mesh-up
    • Our IoT Gateway communicate to various connected devices (IoT), securely uploads data to our AI IoT Cloud for advanced analytics.
    • This process is either real time, near real time or on daily batch.
    • Also supports a huge varieties of public or private APIs.
  2. Big Data Storage and Computing
    • Our AI IoT Cloud is a secured, distributed data storage structured, semi-structured and unstructured data sets, e.g. sensors, social networking, public open datasets.
    • It is also a computation / analytics engine on top of datasets with locality performance
  3. Artificial Intelligence + Notifications
    • We have developed advanced pluggable algorithms inferred from the datasets
    • The AI Engine will notify family members, friends, carers / miners and insurers when and only when relevant, right contents at the the right time.
  4. Drag-and-drop Flow Editor for sensors, actuators, and API meshing
    • designed by IBM IoT Team for non-programmers to define rules, recipes
    • meshing up sensors, actuators, APIs, products / services - a truly modular / component based design


1. Wrapping more vendor APIs to Node-Red Nodes: Trackimo, more Twillio features, SensorTag (restartable)

2. Working with manufacturers to build pre-production prototypes

3. More features:

  • IoT Gateway Audio features:
    • Internet Radio;
    • enable eSpeak and voice recognition features for conversational interface;
    • "Software defined speakers" e.g. Harman Kardon integration;
  • IoT Gateway Video Features: QR-Code OLED display integration
    • WebCam as a security cam + OpenCV face recognition

  • Mobile Phone App - enable our Gateway with BLE support for both iBeacon + EddyStone protocols so our App can interact.
  • Server side - Life++ AppStore / Recipes (with parameters)


Thanks for teams from FabLab, Intel, IBM Bluemix, BeMyApp, Allianz World Partners, Trackimo, TomTom and Philips etc who have supported us along journey to get this far!

Step 1: The Problem: Too Many Devices, Too Many Apps...

IoT Device / vendor / provider market fragmentations!

More Connected Devices = More Data Silos = More Lost Insights + More Reactive Remediations

    Using IoT for Insurance use case:

    • for Insurers:
      • Huge $$$ claim burdens
      • Underused assisted services
    • for customers:
      • Lack of early warnings and only reactive Remediation
      • Property Damage or Quality of Life Disruptions that are preventable!

    Step 2: Our Solution for Home, Family, Health & Mobility

    Artificial Intelligence Digital Assistant

    • A Low-Cost, Open IoT + App Platform capable of ingesting environmental and biometric sensor data + integration of 3rd party APIs, provides the following functions:
    • Intelligent Risk Reduction
      • Proactive Accident Prevention
      • Smart Notifications for
        • Home Owners
        • Insurers + Partners
        • Family Members / Friends

    Step 3: Demo #1: OEM Trackimo for Elderly People

    Grandpa develops early dementia symptoms. We are worried about him getting lost more often.

    Thanks for Trackimo device + GEO fencing AP, we designed two 3D-printed prototypes:

    • Smart Stick
    • Connected Umbrella

    Step 4: Demo #2: Stress-Free Holidays

    Water leaked!!

    Our Moisture Sensor detects straightway

    Thanks for the “Holiday Home Monitor Recipe” downloaded into Life++ AI Box, home owner + neighbour + Allianz Assisted Service will be notified - so u don’t have to worry about it…

    Step 5: Demo #3: Location-aware Intelligence

    “FX Algo Trading Recipe” for frequent business travellers, holiday makers:

    • Based on destination, provide smart FX rate (e.g. 2 months lowest GBP/EUR
    • Track location using Trackimo API
    • Track FX rates using Citi API

    Step 6: Demo #4: Allianz Connected Life AppStore "Remote Help Button" App/Recipe

    • Elderly people live alone
    • Download Approved “Remote Help Button” - filling in templated family members, carer/minder contact details
    • Activate “Remote Button”
      • when pressed, remote family member / carer will be notified!

    Step 7: Next Steps:

    • Singe Dashboard about your home, family members
    • Risk Based Early Warning System
    • Simple Recipe / AppStore UI
    • Manufacturing Production Readiness