Introduction: IJDMTOY Jeep Wrangler RGB LED Halo Rings

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This installation guide is for the people who want to install the Jeep Wrangler RGB LED Angel Eyes and the Jeep Retrofit RGB LED Halo Rings for the Jeep Wrangler. In this guide, you will be able to install the halo rings yourself and you can see step by step on how to do it. If you wanted to get that new refreshing look on your vehicle then this is perfect for you. It will give your Jeep a new and modern look to catch peoples eyes when these are on.

Step 1:

First open the hood to get access to the grill tabs. Remove the grill by prying off the plastic tabs on the top of the grill. Unplug the turn signal lights and set the grill to the side. Remove the four screws around the headlights and then unplug the headlights to remove it.

Step 2:

Preheat your oven to 225 degrees Fahrenheit and place your headlights in for 10 minutes. After the 10 minutes are over, immediately begin to pry open your headlights with a flat tool. When the seal begins to become difficult again to pry off, put it back in the oven for a few more minutes and do the process again.

Step 3:

The LED halo rings come packaged with adhesive on the back of the lights and wires. There’s a small opening with a foam seal on the headlights and you have to puncture this to route the LED halo rings wires through the opening. After this is done, install the halo LED’s to your headlights by using the included adhesive on the back to stick it to the inner edge of the headlight.

Step 4:

Scrape off the remaining sealant if there are any on the headlights and the headlight lenses then apply silicone sealant around the headlight lens. Clamp the headlight lens together with the headlights to insure a tight seal and make sure that the lens won’t slip when it cures. In 24 hours, your new headlights will be complete.

Step 5:

Ensure that the headlights and the lens have sealed together properly. After, reinstall the headlights to the Jeep Wrangler. Tighten down the four screws and then, take your halo ring LED wires and tap them to the parking light wires. Connect the positive LED wire to the positive parking light wires and tap the ground to the ground parking lights. Reinstall the grill and then reconnect the turn signal lights and the plastic tabs.

Step 6:

You can see how simple it was to do this installation that you can do this yourself for this, Jeep RGB LED Angel Eyes Retrofit and for the Jeep Wrangler RGB LED Angel Eye Kit. The hardest part of this install would be tapping the wires but even then, its very simple. This is a great addition to your Jeep Wrangler and with these on your car, you'll definitely be turning a lot of heads.