Introduction: Install IJDMTOY Nissan 350z Switchback LED DRL Lights

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Looking to turn your Nissan 350z’s side marker lights into switchback Nissan 350z LED Daytime Running Lights with turn signal feature? Follow these few steps to know how to change them in no time at all. It makes your car more modern look and much more aggressive in the front.

Step 1:

Move the wheel to the opposite side of the side you’re working on. (If you’re working on the driver’s side, turn the wheel to the right.) Remove the side marker piece on both sides by using the 2 screws holding it in place.

Step 2:

Pay attention to the LED Daytime Running Lights because both sides look very similar. (A good way to tell which side is which is to look at the grooves and compare it to the stock side markers.)

What you can do is compare the two sides after you remove the stock reflectors and also pay attention to the left/right indicators.

Step 3:

Install the black bracket pack piece first, from behind the bumper.

Bolt onto one end first because you will need to insert the wiring into the open housing as well as attach the new LED daytime running lights on top before you bolt everything back together.

Step 4:

Now onto the passenger side.

Step 5:

You will encounter the washer reservoir, so we recommend you unbolt the bumper from the fender so you can gain more space.

Install the passenger side switchback LED DRL/turn signal lights the same way you installed the ones on the driver side

Step 6:

To wire the LED Daytime Running Lights, tap the red wire to ACC12+ in the fuse box, the black wire to ground, and the 2 wires to the appropriate side turn signal +.

Step 7:

You can see how much more aggressive these Nissan 350Z Switchback LED DRL make your Nissan 350z. It gives your front end a more up-to-date look and adds more to your car then just an empty housing. After you are done with installation, you will see that your new Nissan 350Z LED daytime running light assembly peeks out of the front bumper, meaning that you will get some extra illumination as the assembly is not obstructed by the dimensions of the car. You will get the same illumination output as the new Nissan 370Z OEM vertical DRL.

There are many options of OEM Fit LED Daytime Running Lights available for a number of vehicles so that you can upgrade your car with the most well designed and brightest LED DRL on the market.