Introduction: IJDMTOY Off-Road Truck LED Cab Roof Light Install

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Off-Road truck LED lighting has hit the truck industry by storm, as more and more truck owners are upgrading their stock or nonexistent lighting to superior LED. A popular additional that is very appealing to truck owners are Truck LED Cab Roof Lights, which are LED assemblies that sit on the roof of the truck to produce ample lighting. LED roof lights can be installed as an upgrade or as a fresh installation, making the truck your canvas.

Step 1:

Gain access to the metal frame. You'll need to remove the headliner and roof carpeting to do so.

Step 2:

Take some blue painter's tape and tape the roof so you can make some notations on where you want the placement of your LED cab roof lights.

Step 3:

Measure where you want to drill the holes.

You will need 3 holes per LED pod light assembly: 2 small holes for the sides, 1 large hole in the center for the wiring to thread through.

Step 4:

Assemble the LED cab roof lights.

Take the metal T-connector and attach it to the black plastic T-connector. The T-connectors are to be installed inside the screw holes on the bottom of the LED assembly as a screw stabilizer.

Step 5:

Insert the screw into the LED cab roof light from the side.

Place LED lamp onto where you have designated in the earlier steps.

Step 6:

(Studio Demo) You will be inserting the T-connectors through the underside of the truck up to secure the screw.

Step 7:

Connect wiring to power up the LED cab roof light.

Connect long red wire to red wire from the LED cab roof light.

There's T-taps included for your convenience, but we recommend using some black tape to secure the wire after you hardwire.

Then tap the black wire to the metal part of the truck to act as ground.

Step 8:

Connect the other ends of the red wire to the switch and secure the switch some place where you can access.

Step 9:

If the LED cab roof lights don't light up, double check the fuse to make sure it's not blown.

Step 10:

You can see through the studio demo that assembling the LED cab roof light is fairly straightforward and hassle free. Now you can see what you next Off-Road Truck LED Lighting upgrade is and get on with that because your truck definitely can do with some new mods.