Introduction: IJDMTOY Subaru WRX LED Rear Fog Light Installation

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The Subaru WRX has practically exploded in popularity and seems to climb in the ranks of the car industry year by year. While the majority of WRX owners are completely satisfied with their ride, one feature that's notably missing from US models Subaru WRX is actually a functioning rear fog light. Fortunately, it's easy to install a set of Subaru WRX Rear Fog Lamp with taillight, brake light, and reverse light function. You'll soon have a sweet new JDM style look in absolutely no time.

Step 1:

Remove the clips underneath the bumper so you can gain access to the fear fog lamp location.

Step 2:

Remove the plastic piece at the rear fog lamp location.

Step 3:

Directly replace with your new Subaru LED Rear Fog Light. Just insert your new JDM Rear Fog Light For Subaru and lock the assembly into place from the back.

Step 4:

Fit the bracket included in the package onto the LED rear fog light and then mount the new Subaru LED rear fog light exactly the same way as you would the OEM version.

This is how you attach the bracket onto the Subaru LED rear fog light:

Insert the screws into the openings that are diagonal from each other. Secure the screws. Then take the fastener clip and attach it to the side of the bracket that is facing towards the driver side.

You will not need to attach a clip onto the passenger side of the bracket.

Step 5:

Time to move to the wiring portion.

This product comes with a free 7440 harness for installation. Do note that you'll be installing the side with the 7440 harness facing down.

Step 6:

Remove the trunk carpet liner and draw the wires up through the trunk and out through the firewall hole.

Step 7:

Tap the white wire to reverse light positive.

From the 7440 harness, tap the red wire to taillight positive and the black wire to taillight negative or ground.

Step 8:

This particular Subaru WRX has installed a tail-as-turn module for taillights. You can see the tail-as-turn resistor highlighted in the red square.

This additional resistor creates two issues:
- Whenever the turn signal is activated, the taillight function of the LED rear fog light will blink.
-Resistor uses up excessive power so the LED rear fog light will not be as bright.

For this reason, we cannot tap the brake light wire to the existing brake lamp. We can bypass this issue by tapping the brake light function wire to the OEM 3rd brake light.

Draw the red wire (brake light function) from the LED rear fog light up behind the trunk liner all the way to the OEM 3rd brake light. Now tap the red wire to the OEM 3rd brake light.

This process fixes the LED rear fog light blinking issue as well as makes the power strong enough for maximum brightness.

OTHERWISE, if your Subaru WRX does not have an additional tail-as-turn module, you can just easily tap the red wire to the brake light positive.

Step 9:

Test to make sure all the functions work properly and put all the components back in place.

Step 10:

Enjoy your new Subaru LED Rear Fog Light - your Subaru WRX will definitely be very unique on the road since the US auto market does not require fog lights on cars. You'll gain a very stylish look and have tons of extra safety features all in one.