IJDMTOY Tow Hitch LED Pod Light Installation




Introduction: IJDMTOY Tow Hitch LED Pod Light Installation

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Need a bright light to mount on your truck’s tow hitch mount to light up the night as you work? That’s why we have the iJDMTOY Tow Hitch Mount LED Pod Light Backup Reverse Lights/ Search lights for your vehicle.

Step 1:

Use the included hex tool to help secure the bracket onto your trucks tow hitch. You’re going to use the hex tool to also loosen the screws that are securing the 2 bracket pieces together.

Step 2:

Loosen the screws just enough to slightly pull apart the two brackets, then clamp the bracket over your tow hitch with the grooves facing inward and tighten the screws to secure the tow hitch mounting bracket.

Step 3:

You will find that the adapter bracket is a bit wider than the allotted area on the LED pod light. This is intentional so that once you squeeze the need of the brackets, you will be able to insert it into the first inner layer of the LED pod light for a tight fit.

Step 4:

Before you tighten, we recommend that you insert the screw
into the flat part of the bracket. In this instance, this screw is the thicker one. After you tighten the bracket adapter, it will be more difficult to insert the screw in through the adapter which is why we recommend inserting the screw ahead of time.

Take a smaller bolt and drop it into the inner side of the light. There will be a location where the bolt can catch into the LED pod light grooves where it will not slide around. Take a thin screw and insert it into the other side of the LED pod light.

Use a screwdriver to press down the bolt to prevent it from sliding around when you tighten the screw and the bolt together with the hex tool. Once the screw and bolt have caught enough of the threading, you can then take out the screwdriver and finish securing the nut and bolt together.

Repeat this process now on the other side.

Step 5:

Take the spring washer and the flat washer and insert them into the screw in their respective order. Then take a bolt and tighten all of the components to the bracket to mount your new LED pod light.

Step 6:

As you can see this was a very simple install and it should only take you a few minutes to do. ThisiJDMTOY LED Pod Reverse Light adds a much brighter light for your purpose and is great for work and tow hitching at night.

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    3 years ago

    I would really like to see the wiring of all of your projects.