Introduction: IKEA " Aneboda " Hacking :-)

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A simple but time consuming way to pimp up the IKEA " Aneboda " series for what ever room you please. In my case i´ve used them for storing my clothes in the bedroom. Instead of buying new furnitures, i´ve simply mounted all the individual pieces on a single " MDF " wooden baseboard. Also the original pieces where sanded down and repainted, to match the rooms wall color.

Step 1: Disassembly

Not a really big deal. Grab yourself a screwdriver a 4 mm Allen wrench and take the original pieces apart.

Step 2: The Baseboard

This step is probably the most important and difficult one. The number of furniture pieces you want to fit on the single baseboard, influences the overall length of it. So to get started, a single baseboard was cut out of a 19mm thick MDF woodplate. I like curved shapes, so the front was cut out just like that using a jigsaw. Next all the baseboards from the original “ Aneboda” furnitures where clamped down one next to the other on the single baseboard. Now a powerdrill with an 7,8 mm and a 4,3 mm drill was used for making the holes in the right places. This is a really simple task, as i used the original pieces and just drilled through those holes into my single baseboard attatched below. That´s why there´s no need to measure the mounting holes position. Also this way you assure a precise fit, which would surely not be the case when marking the position by taking measurements.

Step 3: Painting and Reassembly

Finally i sanded down the original wood pieces, so the paint would hold on better. After the paint job was done i just bolted everything back together. So instead of having all the pieces standing around alone by themselfs, they are now united on a single top and baseboard. The yellow columns on the left and right sides where cut from a piece of 60 * 60 mm piece of wood, to give it that little extra touch.


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