Introduction: IKEA Candle Hack a Stylish and Safe Enhancement

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This 'ible was born out of my daughter-in-law's need to display candles safely in their bedroom.

Three year old boys and candles are not a good combination.

Step 1: The IKEA Candles

My son and his wife live in an old Victorian house and they love the original features, such as the fireplace.

Since they do not have real fires they thought that placing some good sized candles in the hearth would look better than an empty grate. They would have loved to have them lit, but knew it would not be safe.

When I saw them I had an idea, (I also knew there was an Instructables Wax Challenge and also a safety contest that my idea would be suitable for)

Step 2: Preparing the Candles

I took their candles home and lit them.

The idea being to melt them into a more realistic, used appearance.

Step 3: Effective Dripping

As a pool of wax formed I used a teaspoon to gently pour wax down the sides of all the candles.

I felt that the effect was far more pleasing than the pristine look of just bought candles.

Step 4: Making Them Safe

I am sure that you will have seen the small tea candles that use LEDs to simulate a burning candle.

Here are some pictures I took of the item for sale in the US and here in the UK.

Step 5: Good Value But Not Really Convincing

These only cost a couple of dollars (or £1) from the cheap stores.
The only real problem is that they do not look as convincing small, and as far as I know, you cannot buy bigger versions.

Step 6: Holey Candles

Having purchased a set of the LED 'candles' the next step was to remove a neat hole in each candle, that would accommodate them. I thought of many possible ways to make the hole but the simplest turned out be hacking it out with a spoon.

Step 7: Deep in the Hollows

By pre-melting the candles, an interesting genuine melted shape had been created.

The thin walls of the melted candle would now act to diffuse the electric light of the imitation candles.

Step 8: Realistic and Pleasing Effect

The results speak for themselves.

Rather than standing out as fake electric candles they now look more real and have a stylish effect,

The hearth comes alive and the room ambience is greatly enhanced.

With the lights out in the bedroom a warm inviting romantic glow fills the room from the faux candles.

Step 9: A Success

The result was a great success, and a safe way to have an attractive centrepiece had been developed.

Of course for times when my grandson is not around it is still possible to insert a normal tea candle and have the combined benefit of real candle light and a longer lasting big candle.

I do hope that you like this safe upgrade to an IKEA (or any other) make of candle and that you will have a go at adapting the idea in your home. I also hope that you will take the time to vote for this 'ible in the contests.

Please do post pictures of any that you make.


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