Introduction: IKEA Crib Changing Table Hack

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If you, like me, don't have a lot of space for a changing table, then one option is to build a simple "box" that fits perfectly on top of a crib. I assembled the IKEA Gulliver crib, and built this flexible solution that is easy to move, take off, and works very well when your child is young.

Step 1: Cutting

We're basically building a simple box, with two long sides, two shorter sides and a middle.

We picked up this changing mat mattress at IKEA as well, and just built the box so the mattress fit perfectly inside, and so the whole unit fit on top of the rails of the the IKEA Gulliver crib, but you could easily adjust these measurements to fit any crib, whatever you have to work with.

Step 2: Assembly

So the short sides of the crib are not as deep as the long sides, that's so the box can fit on the outside of the rails of the crib.

Make marks where you'll need to pre-drill to assemble the box.

Step 3: Connecting the Box

Then glue the sides together, attach the long sides with a pin nailer, and use screws for the other sides for extra strength.

Step 4: Finish

For a finish, I decided to add a coat of paint to match the crib.

Step 5: Conclusion - Watch the Video

For a much better perspective of the process, make sure to watch the video that goes over all the steps in more detail.