IKEA HACK: $14 Illuminated Ceramic Bowl Cosmetic Mirror




Introduction: IKEA HACK: $14 Illuminated Ceramic Bowl Cosmetic Mirror

A cosmetic mirror hacked almost entirely from IKEA kitchen items (ceramic bowl, plastic food container, spatula, and cutting board). For around $14 you can create a cosmetic mirror that not only looks great, but works perfectly as well!

Step 1: Materials

There are two variations of the stand described for this Instructable. They both rely on IKEA objects, as this was intended to be as much an IKEA hack as possible.

  • Variera Stand: For this you will need the Variera and SÄTTA materials.
  • Cutting Board and Spatula Stand (feature image): For this you will need the PROPPMÄTT board and an IKEA spatula.

Both variations of stand are around a similar price (around $5).

Next you will need materials for the lighting.

This includes:

  • A food container (JÄMKA) (around $2)
  • LEDs (around $2)
  • Something round (like a Nutella lid or old roll of tape)
  • A switch ($0.50)
  • A battery pack ($1)
  • Some batteries ($1)
  • Some wire, solder and double-sided tape or glue (next to nothing)
  • A round mirror (can get these for $2)
  • Some adhesive copper tape (not necessary but what I used here)

Step 2: Hack the Food Container

  1. Stick the mirror onto the lid (for example using double sided tape)
  2. Drill a hole for the switch
  3. Drill holes for the LEDs and connect them to the tape roll (or Nutella lid or similar)
  4. Connect them in parallel using the adhesive copper tape, or directly from one LED to the next (ensure to keep the short and long legs respectively on the same copper path)
  5. Put the role of tape with LEDs into the container and secure using glue (e.g. a glue gun) or tape
  6. Connect the switch and LEDs to a battery pack (I used 3 batteries here in a 4 battery pack and soldered the 4th using wire)
  7. Put the lid on
  8. Switch it on

Step 3: Add the Illuminated Container to the Bowl

Stick the container onto the bowl, ensuring that it is evenly spaced

Step 4: Build the Stand, Add the Illuminated Food Container and Complete the Cosmetic Mirror

  1. Drill a hole in the cutting board for the spatula
  2. Glue the spatula to the bowl (a glue gun works well here)
  3. Add the bowl/spatula to the cutting board and glue
  4. Add the illuminated food container/mirror from the previous step to the bowl
  5. And switch it on!

Step 5: Alternative: Variera Stand

  1. Build the Variera stand as per the instructions
  2. Drill holes for the fittings and connect
  3. Fasten the dowling to the holder
  4. The stand is complete!
  5. Add the illuminated ceramic cosmetic bowl
  6. And switch it on!

Step 6: More Photos

Some more photos of the two versions

Please feel free to suggest better wiring schemes or any other advice you might have! Otherwise, enjoy a lovely mirror made from objects few would suspect to find next to your Smashbox or Pixie Woo brushes!

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    Thanks! It works really well as well according to my wife :).